Join a grassroots movement to encourage America’s politicians to keep it clean when campaigning for office! We are asking members of Congress to support clean campaigning for 2020 and beyond. Boycott Bashing. Support Solutions!

The Project

Our society thrives when we are tolerant and respectful of each other. We invite you to join the “Keep it Clean for 2020!” campaign, gaining momentum across the country, by encouraging our elected officials, candidates and their supporters to be accountable for their campaign rhetoric. We will be persistent and clear in our efforts to end this negative campaign rhetoric, sound bites out of context, and information twisted to suit a desired outcome. Join hundreds of thousands of other voices who insist on a season of civil campaigning from our politicians and from those who represent them. This means telling the truth and speaking just the facts and sharing their honest positions on issues. That’s it! Nothing more.

Boycott Bashing. Support Issues.

*A Food Firewall is an upscale and stylish mini apron, which is manufactured in North America, by a woman-owned business (Foodfirewall.com). Available on-line or on Amazon, the aprons are perfect for kitchen prep and are comfortably worn at the table to protect one’s spill zone. These high quality, portable Food Firewalls will help our U.S. Representatives look their best, literally and figuratively, while protecting their clothes and reminding them to protect their reputations for clean campaigning.

Our Letter:

Dear Senator XXXX, Congresswoman or Congressman,
As American voters, we are writing to express our concern for the lack of civility that permeates our current political atmosphere. Having been influenced by the movements of the 60’s, we remember well our efforts to establish a peaceful, well-meaning nation where our children and grandchildren can thrive. We are thus compelled to take a stand against the escalating climate of intolerance, hatred, and bigotry generated by demeaning messages in campaign ads (from school board candidates to the presidential candidates). With the important upcoming elections of 2020, we invite you to join us in our grassroots movement, “Keep It Clean for 2020!” and beyond, and to support civil campaigning.

We have defined this to include: addressing your constituents, colleagues, and coworkers respectfully; agreeing to disagree by demonstrating civil discourse; removing bad mouthing, gossiping, demeaning and damaging personal attacks; AND by using language appropriate to your position as a leader. Many of your constituents have joined in this movement to get this letter to you with a Food Firewall, “Keep It Clean for 2020!” mini apron. Please use it as a reminder to not only protect your clothes (in the kitchen or at the dinner table), but also your reputation for clean campaigning. Let’s make it happen together, with a Keep It Clean for 2020! campaign to raise future generations to appreciate the values of honesty, integrity and hard work, upon which are great nation was founded.

Let’s tell you how this all started.

We grew up in El Paso, TX and came of age in the 60’s, a time of movements, marches, and demonstrations to benefit a better world. I, Benita, even marched in the first Earth Day rally at Arizona State University in 1970 and I, Liz, have a passion for empowering border women on both sides of our border with essential life skills that help support their families. These movements molded our desire to serve our communities through many non-profit organizations. Collectively we have worked professionally in philanthropy for over 26 years. Creating “Keep It Clean for 2020!” and beyond is a natural move, as our concern for the well-being of our fellow citizens and future generations is a major priority for us.

About Our Company:

Our woman-owned company, which incorporated in 2016, was founded with the intention of returning dignity to dining. As it got its foothold, and our Food Firewalls, AKA stylish bibs, became so popular, they evolved into mini aprons. Now, we would also like to restore dignity to our nation’s dialogue about our future.

A “Eureka” moment struck us as we were discussing the negative political climate, and debated about what kind of message we could put on our Food Firewalls to counteract this unpleasantness. Voila! “Keep It Clean for 2020!” and beyond was born.

More details about the new Keep It Clean for 2020 grassroots campaign coming soon!